Monday, December 22, 2008

Feel the Flow

I have snapped out of my funk and am starting to feel the flow of the Taiwan Christmas. At first it was a weird adjustment, like when you first use a different kind of toilet. It doesn't feel right but after you use it a few times its ok. For example, here is a kind of toilet I have encountered here, people take deuces in this.

Anyway, today I am going to be teaching one of my classes how to rock Jingle Bells on the recorder, and then we will be playing it at the Christmas party tomorrow evening. Just in case you have never heard it before, here is a clip courtesy of a one O. Pauk.

I was venturing through the streets the other night in Taipei with a few peeps and we came across an old tobacco factory, so we stopped the bikes and took some time to take some pics with the Christmas spirit in mind. This is my friend Kenny, what a solid cat.

If you didn't get my Christmas card here you go. This lady is Evens mom.

I also have some bad news to report today. Judy committed suicide two nights ago. I got up in the morning to find that only Ted and Tony were swimming in the tank. I thought, thats weird, I wonder where Jude could be. So I started searching until I found her corps under the couch covered in dust. I couldn't believe it, she must have jumped out while I was a sleep. Here is a classic track in memory of Judy's free wheeling life style, take a moment.

Also on the down side Eve busted her wrist on the slopes this weekend, so maybe you can sign her cast if you happen to see her.


  1. see! what did i tell you about judy!

  2. I still think Judy's mysterious death has something to do with your negligence...

  3. And those toilets are the best they train you to shit fast cuz over time your thighs get so sore you just wanna sit down.

  4. Sweet Sublime video dude! Your blog is awesomely entertaining, especially while avoiding real work. Looks like you're having a great time!