Friday, February 20, 2009

Fill the Void

Its been a while old friend, but I am back with a feeling of freshness. There are a few new things in my life over here that I would like to tell you about. Firstly, I purchased a new mop and have been keeping things neat and tidy for the most part. I can been seen bellow during a Saturday mid afternoon mopping session.

Recently I have received a few unreal packages in the mail, one of them featured a picture of my friend Colm that was so off the charts I decided to take a picture of myself with the picture.

During Chinese New Year I went to Hong Kong. I stayed at a place called Tom's Guest House located in a building called the Chungking Mansion, and here is the e-mail that I received after booking my room.

Dear sir/madam,

Thanks for booking room of Toms Guest House and I will reserve a room for you on 23 Jan,2009.
Please find attached the map of my guest house.

Please go directly to my guest house as somebody around you may say he is "Tom" and bring you to the place where you will be charged much more. Please note that we will not wait for our customers around the building. Don't follow any stranger who say he is "Tom" around the building!
Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,


Thanks for the tips Tom. When I arrived at the Chungking Mansion I stepped out of my Taxi and was immediately rushed by 2 or 3 "gentlemen". The first on asked if I wanted a Rolex, the second asked if I needed a room, and the third asked if I wanted some hashish. I turned down all offers, although briefly contemplated the Rolex and the hashish. When I got to the front of the building and approached the entrance I was asked if I needed a suit and again if I wanted a cheap room. When I finally got inside the building it resembled the basement of the Dixie Value Mall, there were people of every different race and culture you can imagine all hanging out selling everything from bootlegged DVD's to cell phones to banana's. I had to venture up to the 16th floor where I found Tom's Guest House which turned out to be unreal. Here is the outside of the Chung King during the day time.

I think in Hong Kong you can buy anything you could ever imagine. I thought it was unreal how places like the Mak Kam Kee Shoes Maker or The Poon Company could do just as much, if not more business then Louis Vuitton or Giorgio Armani just down the street. I guess depending on the person you either go to Hong Kong to hit the large scale big name stores or the no name, cheap but still unreal shops.

I also met my friend Anastasia in Hong Kong from the banking days. We took a trip up top and and ate some shrimp while taking a solid birds eye of the city.

I just made a pact with myself to update this piece on a weekly, that only means 4 posts a month, get down.


  1. About time you updated. I noticed your sox match, how strange.

    When my hubby, Dick visited H.K. last November, he said he stayed in a Hotel not too far from where you stayed, (In the Scout Centre area). You picked a good location, so close to the harbour.

    That hotel confirmation email from Tom is too funny. Some of the shady characters you met reminded me of when I last visited H.K., back in 1985. I remembered there was some guy selling live snakes in cages, alongside a bunch of other vendors apparently selling illegal wares. It scared the heck out of me, cuz I hate snakes. The funniest part was when one of the vendors spotted some cops approaching and he gave a warning signal to all the other illegal vendors and they all quickly packed up their wares, including the snake vendor and they went scrambling otta there.