Thursday, November 13, 2008

60 Years of Glory

So, it was my pops bday last Saturday and it was a big one. He turned 60 and naturally rung it in drinking some brew down in Port Credit. 60 years is a commendable achievement in my books, so if you happen to see Frits in the street be sure to tip your hat to him. I thought that I should share this pic, courtesy of UD, to commemorate the occasion.

Toronto Island circa 1987
Left to right - Frits, Liz, Eve, Dick, Jonathan.
What a classic.


  1. I saw UD on Dunnnnndis the other day. I was like: 'Hey, old man with a big camera - HEY! UD!'

  2. i'm super into frits' shorts man. if he still has those i wonder if he would donate them to me

  3. I think those bad boys are long gone. But I will ask him for you.