Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Doing

Snap, look who showed up in Taiwan the other night. Naturally caught eating a piece of cheese, my friend Michelle popped up on Saturday night and has been been getting a first hand look at the maintenance Jhonghe has to offer.

She didn't arrive until late Saturday, so we waited until Sunday before we put some plans into motion. Sunday Morning I called up my friends Queenie, Reagan, and Liv who I had been primming all week for the occasion. First we kicked off the day with some breakfast at one of my favorite spots in Jhonghe. It is this dotty breakfast shop which has this unreal lady named Evens that works behind the grill. I will have to get a few pics of her soon. After some succulent eggs we made the voyage to a place called Banciao (where the train station is) and walked around there for the day. I was looking to pick up some new shades but came up empty handed. The day consisted of lots of rain, eating, and walking, and ended off with some sushi, some brews, some cheese, and some wine. This is what it looked like by the end.

In my school life I need to come up with some new ideas for my bulletin board. Send some my way if any pop into your mind. Oh ya, I also have to pick a song for my class to sing and teach them some moves for the up coming concert in December. That should be unreal, I need to pick a track by the end of the week. Thanks to my friend Mikey D. everyone I know here is now constantly saying "Ohhhhhh Billly" anytime anything happens, and I think I almost piss myself everytime. For example, today I was working on a different bulletin board out in the stairwell and Tobey came out to check it. I heard him enter the stairwell so I turned to see who it was, when I looked up I saw Tobey glancing at my latest work and he looked down at me and said "Ohhhhhhh Billly", its to much to handle. Lastly, I found out how to say "what doing" in Chinese, it is like this "zigama". If you want to say "what are you doing" it is "nee zigama", but just "what doing" is "zigama".


  1. have you done one on food yet? like what we eat over here and shtuff.
    mike's sissy.

  2. hmmm.. Food, no I haven't done one on food. Good call.

  3. you should do a geography bulletin board and each kid should colour in a map of different country in the design of their can call your board "Around the World"..the kid that does Canada gets bonus marks..haha

    songs...that's easy..any song you can accompany them with either the guitar or the recorder (even better)...any sick beatles song would also be i'm sixty four...haha
    eve xo

  4. i concur with evenflow on both accounts