Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Time Maintenance

Ok, it has been a busy past week. First off it was Halloween and things at school were going off the charts. I did a lot of face painting and decorating. I carved the sickest pumpkin and I don't think most of the kids had ever seen that before so everyone thought it was quite off the charts. I dressed up as a donkey and went trick or treating with my class, we hit five shops that we arranged with earlier to give us candy. Pics from this endeavor are still to come. After school on Halloween there was a riding event called the 4th Friderday. This event happens once a month, people get together and ride to a planned location where all kinds of wacky contests take place. They have the longest skid contest, and the longest track stand contest, and a track race to end things off. Unfortunately since I had to work until 10 I only made it in time to see the end of the races, next month I will try and make in time to belt out a few laps on the track. A guy from Belgium who designs folding bikes took the glory in the race and won a nice set of lime green tubular tires.

Check out some more pics from the event here:

Here are some Characters.

Ken and his women.


  1. your facial hair must be ruling it over there.

  2. i love the cap. you are a fixie fixie fixie bike bike bike guy now. woooooop

  3. dude, keep that stache going strong ok.
    and. um these guys are straight gangsters. don't let them sway your kind-natured soul young man.
    love oliver