Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well, this weekend I decided to venture out of Taipei County and head for a spot called Taichung. In Taiwan there are three main city's, Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan. Taipei means the north, Taichung means the middle and Tainan means the south which makes perfect sense seeing as Taipei is on the north end of the island and Taichung is in the middle and Tainan is in the south. So I went to middle on the sickest train, but I am going to have to get to that perhaps tomorrow. After work on Saturday I packed up a small satchel and headed for the high road. When I got there I met up with Queenie (one of the girls I teach with), her boyfriend Reagan who is a badminton wizard, and his friend Lee who can also hold it down on the court but is actually a taekwondo ninja. It was Reagan's birthday this weekend so Queenie wanted to get down there early on Saturday, so I covered her class on Saturday morn and hightailed it down later on in the afternoon. Upon arrival we first hit up a solid Italian restaurant and ate like kings, it was quite succulent. After, we walked around town. Taichung, although still very large is not quite as busy as Taipei and has the feel of an island oasis with its flowing palms and smooth breeze.

Here is a pic of Queenie and Reagan after we ate.

This is Lee

There was a Halloween festivity going on in the park.


After we ate and went to the park we drove over to another park where there was an unreal Jazz Festival going on. We stayed there for a few hours and soaked in some smooth rhythms. There was this trumpet, drums, and piano combo that was just killing it, and I was loving it.

It looks like Queenie was loving it as well.

There was also a guy playing a guitar for a while, he looked just like this.

After all of this we went back to Reagan's house to get the scooters and made our way to the night market for some delicious food.

Put another shrimp on the barrrrbeeeee.