Tuesday, September 23, 2008

B Boy Nation

This past weekend I set sail out of Jhonghe by way of bus and subway, I picked up a few tips from some peeps around the the neighbourhood before I embarked on my journey. It was quite simple, I had to catch the 307 bus to Banqiao Station and then take the subway into Taipei on the blue line. The subway is called the MRT here, and it is sooo siick. All of the stops are written in English as well as Chinese and they tell you what is in the area of the stop and which direction to go to get there. Check out this sweet map of the MRT. Where the blue and red lines intersect is Taipei Main Station, so you can see that I don't have far to travel to get there.

Inside the bus.

The sickest part of the whole voyage was when I got to Banqiao Station. I was walking through the concourse if you will, when all of a sudden I heard some sweet beats pumping from around the corner, it was some kind of Chinese funk music. So I rounded the corner to see what the commotion was and this is what I saw.

It was a god damn B-Boy Nation, in the subway station. I sat and watched for about 30 mins, these kids were breaking it down like nothing I have ever seen before. A few months before I came here I saw this movie called Planet B-Boy and learned that some of the best break dancers in the world come from Asia, I would recommend checking this flick out if you get a chance. Also, if you want to check out another break dance classic you should see Step-Up 2 The Streets, not as far off the chart as Planet B-Boy but still high up.
So on my walk home from the bus that night I rolled into the courtyard in the middle of my building complex and was greeted with another ruckus. There was some kind of kids festival going down and it was bumping. I didn't stick around to get the deets but I snapped a quick shot.

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  1. those breakdancing pics were UN believable. kudos.