Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Base

Oh hi there, I hope everyone is doing well today. The sun is just beaming in the window right now and the sound of the highway just bellow is roaring through the screen. I just found out yesterday that I had to pay my own electricity bill so it looks like there is going to be limited use of the A.C and I am currently sweating my balls off. Today is going to my first real day of teaching and it is going to be on the topic of food. I have a set of sweet flash cards, some magnets and possibly a ball in the mix for my class, I think it should be good. I ran into Kenny the other yesterday (the guy who told me about the powdered milk epidemic) and he was still going on about it, however he also told me if I wanted some most delicious foods I should go to Taipei City Night Market, so I think I will try and hit that this weekend. I realized that I haven't really shown to much of my digs yet, so please join me in a brief tour.

We can start with the front door/ front hall, to the right there is the entrance to the bathroom.

Next we have the kitchen, this is where I like to do most of my cooking.

Here is the living room, you can usually find me here doing some of my leisure activities.

Next to the living room is my bedroom, my mattress is very hard.

This is my enclosed balcony, the windows open right up and I have a beautiful view of the the streets and highway.

On the balcony is my washing machine, I found some strange items in there this morning.

This device is considered a luxury here, it heats your water so it is suitable for drinking, it is also very useful for soups.

On the topic of food this was my brrrrrreakfast. (sick chopsticks)

Finally here is an overall view.


  1. jerome, its good to see that you are taking your vitamin C. I also enjoy that the dent in the side of your water heater thing looks like someone took a baseball bat.....

    take some pics of the flash cards.

    keep it tight aiight.


  2. jonny this blog is hilarity. keep up the good work. i enjoy reading good shite. marissy

  3. Hey Jon, you should check out the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei. I would email you some pics of the place, but I'm not sure if what your email address is. We have a new girl in Reorg (Laura Lee) to replace Rosemarie. She says that a friend of hers actually visited the place and said the food was pretty good, if you don't mind eating out of toilet bowls.