Sunday, September 28, 2008

When you're driving in your Chevy and you feel something heavy.

Ohhh man. The past few days have been the worst yet. I have had the worst diarrhea of life and I think as a result have been feeling a little homesick. I think today though it is starting to clear up, things are looking better, I haven't had a dotty deuce since last night. I think what happened was on Thursday morning I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom as usual and I was rinsing my mouth out at the end of my brush. Clearly not really thinking, perhaps a bit groggy from my slumber , I swallowed a mouth full of the tap water. As soon as it went down I realized, I contemplated making myself barf for a few seconds, but then I thought naaaaaaa its probably fine. Well let me tell you, I will never make that mistake again. Currently conditions outside are intense, there is another serious typhoon out there, this big sign of this chick that was right outside my window blew off the side of the building. Perhaps school will be canceled tomorrow and I will have an extra day to recover from the rhea. This is what it looks like outside my window right now.

Since I haven't done to much this weekend I don't have much to report. But earlier this week I went out with Tobey and his girl Elva. We went to the night market in Yonghe and walked around for a little bit. On our way out we picked up some fried chicken and vegetables, it was pretty succulent.

After the market we met up with Tobey's cousins for some more karaoke. This time there was a better selection of tracks, so I hit up Kokomo, and Like a Rolling Stone, both were hits. Check out this guy. He was on the screen when the tracks were playing.

What a classic. I think by the time I leave here I will be a Karaoke pro like him. On a side note my mom paddles with a guy that looks like this.


  1. Sorry to hear about your condition. Hope you are feeling better now. You should always have a handy supply of pre-boiled water in every room. Make use of that dented water thermos you have. I just saw on TV how bad that Typhoon is. There were people being blow around and being lifted off the ground. Man that's innntense!!!

  2. dude,
    glad you're on the upswing. i love that taxi photo

  3. hey lovely.
    i'm sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations. remember that time i had ghiardia from peru and was racing at henley anyways? i pooped my pants on the way home from st. catherines. i also pooped my pants valentines day 2007 from the stomach flu. that was an all-time low. when i was walking to the laundry mat with my dirty sheets, a homeless man asked me to be his valentine.
    you are sooo cool and your adventures are top notch. miss and love.