Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Framed Picture and a Closed Casket

Bad news to report today. A one Ashley Mogg's kitty has passed onto the other side. Chloe was an unreal little mongoose of a cat, I had many classic encounters with that minx. One that sticks out the most is when I was sitting in the living room with Ashley, and I'm not quite sure what we were doing, but all of a sudden we heard this ruckus from inside the kitchen. Ashley went out to check it out. To her surprise, there was a raccoon standing in the doorway which led outside from the kitchen, good old Chloe was standing facing the raccoon and hissing at it. In between the two rascals lay Chloe's bowl of food. One thing you should know about Chloe is that she had no front claws and was a huge ween most of the time. Normally you could sit right on top of her and she wouldn't even give. So, anyway as soon as the raccoon saw Ashley it bolted, but I'm sure it was already having second thoughts. Ashley is feeling pretty down in the dumps so if you see her on the streets give her a giant hug.

Normally when people I know die I like to take a moment and listen to a track by Ice Cube called Dead Hommiez. Earlier today I took a moment and thought about Chloe while listening.

Hopefully she is in a better place.


  1. classic trizack.
    poor kitty.

    hey jon. can you track site hits on this biznatch?


    sign er up! it will give you the low down on all your bloggy viewers and hits and stats and everything. welcome to stalking your readers.