Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pacific Rim job

So this is my third day in Taiwan and so far I don't have to much to show for it, partially do to the fact that a typhoon has been blowing through for the past 2 days and school has been canceled. However, yesterday I manged to get out to my only pal Tobey's girlfriends families Mid Autumn Festival BBQ Party. No one there spoke any English except for myself and Tobey, so needless to say I spent most of the time eating chicken butt and conversing with Tobey. Once and a while someone from the family tried to talk to me but as soon as I said anything back the common response was laughter in my face, no big deal.

Before the party yesterday I hit the streets to see if I could scope out any sweet shops, I really felt like some eggs so I bought some eggs off of this guy who had mike crates full of eggs. I wasn't entirely sure that these eggs were eatable due to the manner in which they were displayed, so I picked one up and put it in my mouth and tried to judge the mans reaction to me as to whether or not these eggs were for eating. He nodded his head so I bought 6 and came home and fried them up. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures yet due to the Typhoon but they will come soon.



View from my window:


  1. i dig the view, birdseye, i am going to come visit....oh yes.

  2. I wonder if the vendor thought you were going to go home and eat the eggs whole.

  3. Keep posting Jon, your life right now seems much more interesting than mine.