Monday, September 15, 2008

The Streets

Ahhhh yes, I finally slept until a normal hour this morning. I think the days of the 3am wake-up are behind me. As I predicted I didn't do any actual teaching yesterday, I sat in on 4 classes (3 kids classes and 1 adult class). I have to say that all of them were fun, but I think that the adult class was by far the most classic. 3 students that stuck out for me were Kenny, Norton, and Eric, these guys are unreal. I think they are all computer guys, at least I know for sure Kenny and Norton are. At the start of class they had to talk about some current news that they have read about and discuss it in English. Kenny decided to tell us about how this "milk of powder" being imported from China was very bad and had toxic chemicals in it that could cause kidney stones. Norton tried to tell me that the Norton Anti-Virus was named after him, and Eric tried to trick me into thinking he was "a gay". The whole class was way to funny.

Before class yesterday I hit the street of Jhonghe, my home town here. I picked up some fruit at the local fruit stand and stood on the corner of an intersection to try and pick up some action. This is what I came up with.

The Jungle:

Mail Bike:



  1. Me thinks they need the "Chopter" to pimp up the scooter steez a bit.

    Have a goody!