Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sit Down Shower

Today is going to be my first day of teaching, I'm not sure if I will be doing any actual teaching or if I will just be sitting in on a few classes though. The rain I think is suppose to stop today and it looks like the typhoon has died down. Last night was another wild night of Mid Autumn Festival festivities. I went to a diner with Tobey and his women again except this time we went to some kind of dinner hall and there was mass karaoke going on in there and I ate some shrimps that still had there heads and legs. An old lady came up to me and started pulling at my arm and speaking mad Chinese at me. I looked at Tobey in a puzzled fashion, and he said "she wants you to sing", I tried to refuse but she wouldn't have it. So the only song that they had that I could recognize was The House of The Rising Sun, I was left with no choice but to get up in front of the entire hall and belt it out. Luckily it was some kind of condensed version meant for easy reading, so it was over before I knew it.

Getting back to the title of this post, I realized when I got to my flat that there was something funny about my shower, it had no curtain. The first shower I took I made a total mess of the bathroom because I stood up and sprayed water all over the room. I thought that this couldn't be the way I was suppose to do it, so after some analysis and some more trial and error I think I have perfected my technique.

Another thing that has been cramping my style is the lack of coffee, I have yet to find a bean to my satisfaction. However, I did find some teas that have been working out quite nicely for now.

Finally, in preparation for class today I am trying to unwrinkle my clothes.


  1. here's a tip!
    if you have a dryer, put your heavily wrinkled clothes into it with a wet cloth. Turn it on for like 15 mins, and your clothes will be smooth as butter.

  2. dude, that earl grey is my absolute fave