Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well it seems as though basketball is a pretty big sport here in Taiwan. There are courts all over the streets and there are always kids playing. I think the talent level is pretty low but everybody seems to love it. I was walking through the local park in Jhonghe the other day and stopped by the court to scout out some of the local ballers.

Check out those two philly's on the left watching the fellas play.

Jhonghe is finally starting to feel like home. The maintenance level here is off the charts. I have to say, at first I thought ohh man what am I going to do here. Everywhere you go something stinks, and it is always a smell that you have never smelt before. Think of the worst smell you have ever smelled and multiply that by about 10 and you will start to enter the realm of some of the smells I have encountered. I wish I could post some kind of device on this blog that when you push a button the smell I want you to smell comes wafting out of your microphone and you can catch a whif of what I am talking about here, serious odours. Anyway other then that people go to the park, sit around, drink coffee and Taiwan beer, and generally just maintain. There are always people on the steets and the vibe is generally quite pleasant. Also, being a minority is not as bad as it seems. I mean sometimes I feel kind of weird, and think that some people think this (watch the vid), but in general everything is pretty good.


  1. dude, hilarious vid. post some of you in the streets yo