Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This one goes out to my brethrens from the DRC who just collected a silver medal down in Boston this past weekend at the Head of Charles Regatta in the LWT Mens 4+. Big ups fellas. Yale University took the gold, but the DRC still over came other university powerhouses such as Harvard and Princeton, as well as U.S club powerhouses such as the New York Athletic Club and Riverside Boat Club out of Boston. Here is a little Taiwanese representation, what what what what.

The boys in action.
Bow to stern.
1- El Tanko Grande International
2- Stevie Dizzle (DRC Refugee)
3- Tommmyyyyyyyyyyyy
4- Linus

Cox- Shecky Shabo

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  1. hey goofy,
    went to dinner with gerald last night - drc whaaaaaat.
    we miss you!