Friday, October 17, 2008


So my celebrity status is ever increasing at the local supermarket. I almost know everyone in there by name and they all know me even if I don't know them by name. Last week I rolled in there around noon and Jessie the girl behind the meat counter handed me a some folded paper.I paused for moment before opening the letter and then proceeded to take a peek. It was quite hard to understand, but just so you get the gist of it, I will let you in on a few sentences.

"Because my English is not good. Must therefore probably depend on the computer to turn meaning which English expressed me to need to say. I thought that you very brave person comes to Taiwan to work. My work hours are 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. I team up work hours am 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. If before you must come to ask me to chat 2:00 pm. Because she goes to work we not to be able to chat again. Understands my meaning? (not really) I believed that you are best. Knows you very happily. Wish you have a nice day."

So there you have it, I was stuck in the middle of the supermarket with about 5 people watching me as I read this note. I wasn't entirely sure what it meant so I didn't draw any conclusions until later she told me that if I move back to Canada and forget about her she will be heartbroken. I don't want to paint a bad picture of Jessie here, she is very sweet, and I am pretty sure shes not mental or anything. But this was a little much. I need to find a way of telling her that I am cool with us being just friends or else I am going to have to switch supermarkets. If you have any suggestions toss them my way. On a side note I finally found some milk that I like. I have been having this problem where the milk is just to creamy. I think I might have been drinking whole milk or something and didn't know. I started buying small cartons of milk to sample, and I think I have pinpointed my favorite one, its the little one next to the big one.


  1. jon you're too f'ing funny. i can't believe that letter. that's one of the funniest things i've heard. dude there needs to be a tv show that's just your life. i'm serious. what are you going to do about jessie? she loves you.i feel like she'll be cool though if you just tell her you want to be friends. is she hot? can you post a picture please?

  2. So I see that the Big J is working his charm over in the Pacific Rim. I hope this celebrity thing won't become too hot for you to handle. Too bad you can't just wear dark glasses or a disguise, as your stature and style prevents you from effectively blending into the public. Well, thanks for another too funny post. Be sure to keep your Teddy well-fed, the poor thing. I don't want to have to report you to the Animal Cruelty Society.

  3. you should just tell her you're not interested but use a lot of western slang so she won't really know what you're talking about but you can be like "come on man I told you".