Monday, October 6, 2008

Fixed Maintenance

Oh hi there. I came home from work yesterday to Ted going completely ape in his tank. He was ripping up the plants and pushing his snail shell all over the place. I yelled out woooaaahhhh Ted whats the problem man, and then he paused and looked at me, pushed his snail shell one lest time and resorted back to his usual state of maintenance. I wondered what the problem might be and the only thing I could think of was that perhaps he is hungry, so I fed him again and that seemed to do the trick. This weekend was pretty good, Saturday I mostly maintained all day by myself but on Sunday I met up with these cats from this shop called Nabiis that all ride fixeds. I met them at this placed called Ximen and we just kicked it until about 11 p. First we went to the shop, they have this layer designed just for maintaining above the shop. It was just an open room with a couch some chairs and a table with a few desks and computers in the back. Behind the computers there was a door which led to a room of bike frames and parts, it was siiiick. I showed them pictures of the Peug and they nearly all creamed their jeans. After, we went to this restaurant to get some Chinese food, there was a Lazy Susan in the middle of the table and they just ordered all kinds of different stuff, I have to say it was the most succulent dinner I have had since I have been here. When dinner was over we got the bikes and went over to this park and just rode and maintained for a few hours before packing it in for the night.

This is Hawk, he really whales on his bike. I think he can do almost every single trick in the book. He is the same age as me and is in the army. If I was Taiwanese I would also be in the army right now. Luckily you only have to stay in there for one year.

This is Ad Word, solid guy. He is only 18, but he is a photographer and is just finishing up high school. He will also have to go to the army in the next 4 or 5 years.

This little tyke was getting in on the action as well.

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  1. maybe ted smoked a doobie? and he was wiggin out?