Monday, October 20, 2008

Express Yourself

I think my level of authority is starting to rise at school these days. I was recently given a bulletin board space that I am allowed to do anything I want with. I think each month I will have a new theme.

Here is my board, I usually have my students draw some pics in class, so I picked some of the best ones and tossed them up. It is kind of hard to see, but these pictures are of people and on the side it says what colour their clothes are. The board was inspired this month by a classic N.W.A track, check it.

Bellow is my creation for Halloween, it is a hit with the kids and all of the parents that come in. He sits right in front of the door, so you can't miss him when you walk in. I used newspaper to stuff his pants and shirt, and a balloon with with a pumpkin cut out taped to it for his head. Normally I would use leaves to stuff a scarecrow but there were no leaves so I had to resort to newspaper.

After class one day the kids all seemed to be in the mood for monkeying around. Luckily I had my camera and could capture some of the glory.

Kiki seems fairly subdued here but let me tell you she is one of the funniest.

Candy keeps it real with colours and is currently trying to master clothing.

This is Jason, personally I feel he is a bit of a queef. First of all he can never remember my name and second loosen those trousers son.

Good old Chuck, he is a menace in the classroom but sometimes I can't not laugh at his antics.

Sandy has also got her colour game down pat, her artistic skills are currently topping the charts. I believe a piece of her work is featured this month on the "Express Yourself" board.


  1. jon, fuck, I cant get enough of this.

    chuck is rocking a fairly gangster NYC shirt, loving that.

    Also, I agree, that kid certainly looks like a queef.

  2. ok. i think that you just called one of your students a queef. what what what. he is my favorite. his name, jason, just speaks to his terrible button-up shirt and high-waisted (surely tapered) pantalons. jason. oh jason. these kids are so lucky, to be taught english by someone who will make "queef", "maintain", "seeeeeek", etc. as part of basic vocab is getting a leg up on the rest of 'em.

  3. Jonathan, how many times do I have to tell you, its "below", not "bellow". "Bellow" means to make a loud deep sound, like from a bull, not the same as "below" meaning underneath, or lower down. Remember, you are an English teacher. So, get it right. Now I know where all the Bad Engrish comes from. Anyways, thanks for the laugh. poor lil Jason.